Translation Service 翻譯服務

Sunny Day has a team of experts in translation and interpretation. Our translation and interpretation services cover a variety of fields and our team ensures the highest standards of work and professionalism, as well as treating all documents with confidentiality.

Chinese-English Translation

English-Chinese Translation

Tour Consultation

We will offer you a service for planning your trips. Please email us and we will reply as soon as possible.


Relocation Services

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Premium Chamberlain Service!
Please choose our premium chamberlain service in order to enjoy a one year person-to-person follow up and enquiry service.

I. Corporate Relocation

II. Family Relocation

III. Individual Relocation

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a. Home Searching
b. Property and Tenancy Services
c. Feng Shui Consultant Service
d. Chinese Medical Care Services (Including Acupuncture, Massage, Bone Setting etc.)
e. Register Your Company in Hong Kong or China
f. School Searching
g. Language Acquisition Course
h. Tutor, Nanny, Domestic Helper, Driver Searching
i. Insurance and Medical Care
j. Local and International Community (Finding Friends in Hong Kong or China)
k. Tour and Orientation
l. Ticking Ordering
m. Visa and Vacation Service
n. Departure Service


Pet Sitting Service

Our experienced pet sitters and veterinarian contacts are ready to help you when you are away. Please contact us for more information.


Academic Writing and Proof Reading Service 論文改錯及專業校對服務

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Sunny Day’s experienced editors have assisted over 3,000 students, academics and companies with their proofreading and editing needs. All of our professional editors have substantial experience in proofreading and editing for both undergraduate and postgraduate students, academicians, companies and university staff.




  • 同學可選擇在英國、美國、澳洲、加拿大、紐西蘭、新加坡、香港的學校
  • 可申請在同一國家裏的五個學校,跨國家申請需另收費
  • 我們會幫忙填寫申請表
  • 提供個人陳述寫作輔導
  • 提供大學面試指導
  • 跟進學校申請進度
  • 跟進申請簽證,協助準備文件

European Union China  Sign Flags Concept



  • 提供TOEFL 或IELTS 考試指導。
  • 提供申請簽證練習。
  • 如去美國,需要考SAT。我們可提供考試輔導 。
  • 如去英國、澳洲、加拿大、紐西蘭、新加坡需要考IGCSE或IB。我們可提供考試輔導。
  • 如升讀研究院(碩士以上課程)需考GRE /GMAT,我們可提供輔導 。

Further Study in Hong Kong and China

If you are looking to further study in Hong Kong and China, we can help you with:

  • School Searching Service
  • Orientation Seminar and Tour
  • Visa Service
  • Relocation and Home Searching Service
  • Beijing University

  • Mandarin Training (if one chooses to study in China, a basic HSK 4 is required)
  • Cantonese Training (if one chooses to study in Hong Kong, a 40 hour survival course is recommended)

專業多國語言配音服務Professional Voice Over Service in Different Languages


We deliver voiceovers that help improve and build upon your professional image. We also ensure that your voice mail greetings and voice mail messages perfectly line up with your brand and story.
Our professional voice actors are not only ideal for auto attendant applications but also provide excellent narration services for your videos and other purposes.
Save on time, trouble, and operational expenses, with professional voiceover solutions that ensure a natural, easily-understandable and consistent voice to represent your brand.